"Most of my clients never left me. I have a hard core client group  that consists of training relationships surpassing now over 15 years some cases, that's how much I am trusted. What else can I say? My clients say it all."
Daniel Zylbersztajn

“I stumbled across Jumping Tiger online while searching for personal trainers to try and motivate myself post-pregnancy in to losing weight and getting fit. I enjoyed my personal training with Daniel very much; we concentrated on pilates as Daniel considered myself to be self-motivated enough to handle aerobic training on my own. I loved the progression and the results and found that the exercises improved my posture and core stability/strength which is what I wanted to achieve. I moved out of London so didn't continue with Daniel after a while; I went to a local Pilates class and found myself critiquing the teacher's technique as I didn't like it and found it contradicted what Daniel had taught me! I still continue to use some of the techniques that Daniel taught me today at home and in my own gym as part of my own training regime to keep myself in shape.” Ruth Busse (PMP),  West-London September 21, 2011

"I contacted Daniel for remedial Pilates lessons which I had never learned before. He is an excellent teacher, always very patient and enthusiastic. He really focuses the lessons on exactly what you are trying to achieve and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a tutor."  Ziad Dajani, IT Expert, Clerkenwell, December 29, 2011

"Daniel is a fantastic Pilates instructor. I've been with him for 8 years. He is a great motivator - very tough and pushes you to achieve while being supportive and thoughtful. I am in better shape, I feel better, look better and have more energy from working with him. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to transform their body and feel fantastic!”  Katherine Torrence, Senior Business Consultant, Islington, October 15, 2010, still training with Daniel today in 2017

"Jumping Tiger Pilates is a great discovery for those who always hesitate between taking up Yoga classes or Thai Chi!  Pilates is a nice approach to self-development without the pressure of sport! Daniel is an excellent teacher! He has enabled me to learn simple yet efficient techniques, which can be repeated anywhere as and when I feel the need. Breathing methods, gentle excercises correcting previous postures learnt in the old school of gymnastics, which are not beneficial at all, is all part of the session, made to fit your own requirements. I recommend the fast walk on Hampstead heath followed by a Pilates session..  I am just waiting for the sun to come back to jump onto my next treat! Enjoy..."    Jo Ferly, Camden,  March 21, 2008, Successful French Caribbean Photographer and Artist

"People still complement me about my looks. I have you to thank for that!"
Lisa, Chelsea, Star-Featured in UK Cosmopolitan, 2003

"The hospital said I do not need an operation now.”
Helena H.

“Daniel is very good at motivating and very creative. He has definitely improved my health and I have found him to be very trustworthy and reliable. And fun!” Claudia Schmid, Haringey, March 22, 2009

"I love these exercises. My body is looking forward to them. It seems to know that they are good somehow."
Dominik Richards, Founder of queer.com, Shorditch, 2004

****** Most recommended. Daniel helped me as well as my mum and my father.
Anna Hauser,  Director and Founder Houser Bears, Animal Charity Islington 2008,

"Daniel arranged a session with a specialist Pilates physiotherapist and then trained me thereafter weekly. My problems have not recurred." K.

"I always thought you have to sweat and pump to exercise, but Daniel showed me that there is another calmer and safer way!"
K. J., Westminster

"Daniel provided me not only with weekly tailored classes but also with practical tips to be applied daily that contribute to correct my posture and relief my neck pain."
Maria Fernandez, Argentine Senior Embassy Official, Knightsbridge, 2007

"We experienced our first periods without shoulder pain or lower back pain since years!"
Sam & Paul Johnson, Islington, 2005-2009

Former other clients included:    Senior Member of Bank of England, local and national BBC presenters, Deutsche Bank senior director, South East Asian supermodel, clinical doctor,  senior lawyers, senior civil servants, senior Labour party politician, English Olympic Team member, director of design company, senior business leaders.  Also had a schema teaching people from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as refugees in East-London.  See also About Daniel for more people and institutions taught!