Back Pain

Many people suffer from lower back pain.  My father was somebody who did too.  He suffered all his life from back pain following his internment in various Nazi labour camps.  Following the advise of a well meaning physiotherapist after the war years, he religiously followed a daily back exercise routine every morning for 20 to 30 minutes.  He said it was what enabled him to function with his bad back.  He was relatively pain free due to it.  Beside that, the exercises ensured that he remained subtle until only shortly before his death (he lived well into his 90s).  Also when he once developed shingles, which partially paralysed one side of his face,  an expert doctor said he would be stuck with the facial paralysis.  I dug out a facial exercise routine, and he did it regimentally three times a day.  Within six months the paralysis was gone.  This was perhaps what inspired me to become a pilates teacher myself.  For most of my clients personal and supervised pilates can ease tensions and reduce back pain and keep them mostly injury free. Get to know your body, what may help, and what is aggravating pain!

Daniel Zylbersztajn